These were all written for my own fun of exploration/experimentation, but they might be useful to you too. For the freeware, feel free to redistribute, host, and make whatever use you can from them.

Disclaimer: Although no known harmful bugs are present in them, I do not guarantee the absence of unknown ones. So accept the possible risk and use these by your own choice. However, I do want to hear if any serious problems occur with them. After all, I use these on my computer too and do not want to do any damage to it either! :-/

System requirements: A very old computer will run them fine (1992-1998, 25MHz+). For the DOS utilities, you may need to use DOS Box under Windows 64bit, since the DOS subsystem is mostly unsupported post WinXP. They are stand-alone, no-installation apps.

Source code: If you are interested in the source code to any of the programs, just send a letter to me.

Older program versions...

Emulation related

BgMapper (DOS)
This program is now quite old, and its worthy successor vSNES will probably serve your needs better. This utility views the frozen scene of a ZSNES savestate and exports graphics to help make maps of the levels in all those classic SNES games. It can export them without HDMA effects or mode 7 distortion that typically hinder map-making.
SpriteView (DOS)
SpriteView is a small, speedy graphics viewer (not editor) that supports several formats (~18) of console systems (including all of those used by the SNES).
Tilemap Viewer (DOS)
TileView displays the byte/word arrays in a file as colored blocks to aid in finding tilemap patterns, including levels, map screens, and other anamolies. It's like a visual hex editor (minus the 'editor' aspect), than instead of showing hex numbers, shows their colors.
Spc2Midi (DOS/Win alpha)
This experimental project plays SPC captures and exports them to MIDIs. Although the emulation core is finished and the sound output is decent, the most important part of it, (SPCs 2 MIDIs) is only partially finished. The excellent SPC Tool has since come out which does almost everything I intended for mine to, so I suggest you use it until then.
UpFront (Win)
UpFront is a front end written by CyBeRGoth to simplify starting my utilities under Windows. It sort of makes up for the lack of an internal file opener in them.