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Download SpriteView 1.6.6

SpriteView is a small, speedy graphics viewer (not editor) that supports several formats of console systems (including all of those used by the SNES). For those interested, the readme documents the formats for the various modes it supports. Although mainly meant to display the console graphics contained in either savestates or ROM images, it can also display graphics from other sources like DOOM's WAD file, Windows 95's ShellIconCache file, DLLs, and executables.

Graphics modes:



SpriteView .165

  • Added variable sized tile blocking, for viewing nonsequential tile arrangements like individual character frames, which are usually 2x2.
  • Increased maximum wrap width to 1024, hopefully sufficiently large enough for any graphic entity. Also good for scrolling through a huge file really fast.
  • Added anti-thrashing routine now to spare your hard disk an early death when loading huge files.

    Tales of Phantasia without

    Tales of Phantasia with tile blocking

    'Kirby Superstar' without blocking
    'Kirby Superstar' with tile blocking


    Icons from the Windows 95 cache 'shellicon' Some familiar 'Zelda 64' items Level icons in 'Yoshi's Island:MW2' fx graphics Area titles in 'Zelda 64' 'Starfox' fx graphics 'Mario 2' enemies Samus in 'Metroid 3' using user palette 'Mario RPG' using variable tile wrap 'Zelda' map graphics in mode 7