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Download BgMapper 1.7.7

This utility helps in making maps of the levels in SNES games by displaying the frozen scene of a ZSNES savestate:

There are a few cases where the scene is not displayed correctly, not because of a flaw in the rendering, but because certain games split the screen into different sections (HDMA effects). Since BgMapper is not an emulator and only shows the frozen state, it displays just the section of the frame for when the state was saved, meaning that if the game changed the video mode halfway through displaying the frame, you'll only see half of the screen correctly.



BgMapper .177 - minor change


'Zelda:LTTP' map without mode 7 distortion 'Mario Kart' Koopa Beach 'Mario World' VRAM graphics Keys ('Mario 3' background) 'Mario RPG' (c)Nintendo/Squaresoft 'Mario 2' level 1.2 'Zelda' just east of the graveyard 'Metroid 3' Lizard Kraid